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Titanium tableware
Application : Titanium tableware
Material : Titanium 
Product introduction : titanium tableware is good for health ,products include cup ,pan,bowl and so on .
Spinning advantages : titanium rebound is obvious that effect the spinning forming ,heating spinning can make titanium smooth.
Application : venturi 
Material :stainless steel 304
Product introduction : It is a dedusting accessory which is applied for equipment .
Spinning advantages : Pressing can't process venturi if the height is big ,CNC spinning can make it .
Application : milk bucket
Material :aluminum 1060 
Product introduction : It is used to contain milk 
Spinning advantages : it can process longer height ,and it saves material cost and mold cost .
Dropping funnel
Application : Blanking equipment
Material : stainless steel 304 
Product introduction : It is used to Load and drop the stuff in the machine。
Spinning advantages : it has better surface and intensity than that is made by roll and welding ,the polishing is easy .
Application : military  part 
Material : aluminum tube 
Product introduction : It is used to control negative pressure of the biological product factory .
Spinning advantages : Tube spinning can make sure the curve precision of the venturi shell ,the mold is cheaper than other process .
Application : military  part 
Material : oxygen-free copper
Product introduction : liner is a part that apply in military product ,it has high precision and intensity .
Spinning advantages : spinning saves material than other processing ,grain refinement make liner has good intensity and hardness ,spinning production efficiency is fast .
Auto shock absorber shell
Application : automobile parts
Material : AL 6061/AL 5251/Steel 409
Preduct introduction : To alleviate the impact of the pavement,quickly absorb its turbulence,the vehicles are driven back to normal state.
Spinning advantages : the spinning make the parts with a good precision and intensity.the shape is complex,but CNC spinning can finish forming and cutting with a process.
signal cover
Application : signal projector / signal receiver
Material : AL 6061/AL 3003
Product introduction : To send or receive signal , the curve of product is a parabola that impact the signal .
Spinning advantages : Sheer spinning can make the precision of curve close to the mold , it is convenient to fix mold to reduce the material rebound effect .
Application : fan parts 
Material : DC04/SPCC/SUS 304
Product introduction : it is a device to improve the indoor air condition by The rotation of the blade row to send gas .
Spinning advantages : the size of fan innet is big commonly. it saves material cost of product by CNC metal spinning and the mold is cheap .
Three-way catalysts
Application : automobile parts
Material : 409 tube /steel tube 
Product introduction : gas purification device which is installed in the automobile , it can transform the harmful gas into water and carbon.
Spinning advantages : traditional process make the three - way catalysts with welding ,The intensity is not good as CNC spinning ,spinning can process thicker material .
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