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Author: DE-SHENGClicks: 6296Published time: 2017-03-22

milk bucket spinning product

Application : milk bucket

Material :aluminum 1060 

Product introduction : It is used to contain milk 

Spinning advantages : it can process longer height ,and it saves material cost and mold cost .

How to spin the longer height like bucket 

Milk bucket is a special aluminum spinning product ,it hard to spin and easy to craze in spinning because the height is big ,first ,we should choose thicker thickness to spin because of  the large thinning rate ,second ,you can cut the edge in the spinning process like the following picture ,that can reduce the crack because the non-uniform thickness and different diameter ,third, you should consider the demoulding problem , you can browse this page , that you can find the answer .fourth ,the neck-spinning should have mold support the product if the thickness is lower than 1mm.

which position should be cutting in bucket spinning

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