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Dropping funnel

Author: DE-SHENGClicks: 1480Published time: 2017-03-21

dropping funnel and equipment

Application : Blanking equipment

Material : stainless steel 304 

Product introduction : It is used to Load and drop the stuff in the machine。

Spinning advantages : it has better surface and intensity than that is made by roll and welding ,the polishing is easy .

The different funnel that we spin 

the different type of funnel that we spin ,the size introduction

How to control the flatness of flange of funnel 

That is hard to control the flange flatness because of material rebound after spinning ,you can fix the flange angel in the spinning mold that can reduce the rebound affect the flatness ,the other way is to control the spindle speed and the clearance of roller and mold ,that can make the flatness good .

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