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Titanium tableware

Author: DE-SHENGClicks: 5181Published time: 2017-03-28

titanium bowl CNC spinning

Application : titanium tableware 

Material : titanium 

Product introduction : titanium tableware is good for health ,products include cup ,pan ,bowl and so on .

Spinning advantages : titanium rebound is obvious that effect the spinning forming,heating spinning can make titanium smooth.

The difficulty of CNC spinning in titanium 

We know titanium is good for people's health ,but it is harder to spin than stainless steel ,the edge of spinning sheet is easy to wrinkle as the the ductility is bad ,then it appear cracking after wrinkling that affect the next step spinning .the spinning roller and mold are easy to wear if you choose the soft mold and roller material ,the polishing will burnout because the thermal conductivity is poor .

Titanium spinning solution 

①Choosing the smaller radii spinning roller to reduce the wrinkling 

②Heating can change the property of titanium material 

③Choosing the high hardness material to process spinning roller and mold .

The titanium tableware  that we spin 

different types of titanium tableware spinning ,tableware size

if you want to know more details ,please browse this website .

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