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Author: DE-SHENGClicks: 6232Published time: 2017-03-27

CNC spinning venturi

Application : venturi 

Material :stainless steel 304

Product introduction : It is a dedusting accessory which is applied for equipment .

Spinning advantages : Pressing can't process venturi if the height is big ,CNC spinning can make it .

The difficulty of CNC spinning in venturi 

The complex shape and big height of venturi make the process hard ,If you choose pressing to make it ,it need many molds to finish it and it is easy to craze .so CNC spinning is a better choice for venturi .but we should overcome two problems of venturi like the following instruction .

① Material chose :That is the key problems which material you chose ,because the stainless steel 304 is make by many factory ,the hardness and tensile strength decide to the metal forming whether it is difficult .

Spinning cracking : Adjusting the spinning path to overcome the spinning cracking as the fatigue strength over ultimate .

③The flatness of flange : That is a important requirement for venturi ,you can fix the mold if the flange is not flat as the material rebound .

The venturi that we spin 

the venturi that we CNC spin

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