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The treatment technology of CNC spinning products

Author: DE-SHENGClicks: 1757Published time: 2017-04-26

CNC spinning product is different from turning and pressing part ,it is not easy to control the assembling requirement as the precision is lower than turning , the shape of procduct affect the quality of surface .We should know the treatment technology about spinning product ,so you can choose the right way to make the spinning product .

Surface treatment of CNC spinning products

①Aluminum spinning  : If the product is made by aluminum ,we usually use oxidation and painting spraying as the surface treatment .anodic oxidation can't cover the spinning grain completely if it isn't polished ,sandblasting oxidation can cover the spinning grain and it doesn't need to polish .painting spraying is the other common treatment ,the quality of spinning grain impact the effect of the surface after painting .

②Steel spinning :Electroplate and painting is used by steel material ,you should have different polishing surface according to the surface requirement .

③Stainless steel spinning : Polishing is the common surface treatment of stainless steel . the spinning grain is obvious because of the hardness of the stainless steel ,polishing has many technical requirement .the grain of spinn product is thinner ,the polishing cost is lower .

④titanium spinning : titanium polishing property is bad as the thermal conductive performance is poor .you should consider the lubrication of polishing .

Welding technology of CNC spinning products

Steel and stainless steel use welding ,including laser welding and argon arc welding ,the thickness of spinning wall decide whether the welding is easy .if the wall thickness is thick ,you can use the argon arc welding ,if the wall thickness is thin ,you can use the laser welding .

How to choose the Cutting process 

①aluminum : turning is a better process way for aluminum spinning product ,the edge of product is smooth if it is made by turning ,laser cutting is not good as the aluminum and copper reflect the light . the edge will not be smooth after laser cutting .you also can use the stamping to make the hole .the cutting property of copper is similar with aluminum .

②stainless steel : turning make stainless steel with rag and the parting tool is easy to wear ,we can cut stainless steel by rolling cutting and laser cutting ,the edge of product is better .the cutting property of steel is better than stainless steel .

The transformation of the intensity of CNC spinning product 

The innerstress is balanced in per round in cross section for the spinning product ,when you cut a part in the product like the following picture ,the innerstress will not be balanced in circumference direction .the inner stress of stainless steel is biggest .you should consider the transformation of the shape in process .

the cutting position in CNC spinning product