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①Bucket CNC spinning case

bucket CNC spinning case show

Bucket is a common metal product in metal spinning  , it is easy to craze when the roller spin many times as the ratio of diameter and height is litter. Except the problem of spinning crazing ,demoulding is another problem that you should know .We will tell you how to settle these problems in details .

Turning the edge when roller spin many times

The edge is irregular when roller spin many times,the thickness of is different that cause the wrinkling ,the edge has short parts and longer part cause the low point bear different force that it is easy to craze .So you should cut the edge before the wrinkling and crazing to reduce the situation .

Demoulding problems

Demoulding is a important element for bucket metal spinning .As the height is high ,it is hard to take the product from mold when spin over .there are two ways of demoulding that you can consider .First ,designing a angel in the mold ,this website introduce it in details

Second ,you can design a demoulding mold inside like the picture show ,the inside mold can provide demoulding force .

②Venturi CNC spinning case 

Which position is easy to crack 

It is hardest to spin if  venturi is made by stainless steel 304 ,the bad ductility of SUS304 and complex shape of venturi make it easy to crack ,So we should use the metal spinning technology to overcome the cracking situation .There are two easy cracking position that you should known in the picture .

How to control the flatness of venturi 

If you overcome the cracking problems ,then you should adjust the flange flatness of venturi .First ,you can adjust the clearance or rotate speed of mold to control the flatness .Second ,you can repair the mold in the flange position like the picture show ,you can repair a angle to overcome the stainless steel rebound after CNC spinning .

Demoulding designation 

The last problem is the demoulding ,you can design a demoulding part like the picture show ,when you cutting the bottom of venturi ,the demoulding part can take form the venturi .

The hardness of the spinning roller and mold 

Mold must use CR12 steel as the material ,it should be heat treatment to improve the hardness of mold surface ,the roller should use the electroplate hard alloy ,otherwise the mold and roller wear quickly .

③CNC neck spinning case 

CNC neck spinning case show

The most important thing of neck spinning is that the fixture can hold the tube tightly ,how to choose the fixture that we will introduce it .

Thin wall or aluminum neck spinning 

You can choose pneumatic fixture that move fast and can improve the production efficiency .it can bear high rotation speed and the temperature doesn't rise too much after a long time spinning  .

Thick wall or stainless steel neck spinning 

You can choose hydraulic fixture that can clamp the tube tightly ,otherwise the tube can move out in CNC spinning as the spinning force is strong .

How to control the precision 

You can design the inner mold that can make the precision better . 

④Cone CNC spinning case

cone CNC spinning process case show

Cone is a common product in sheer spinning ,the product includes funnel ,liner ,lampshade and so on .The thinning rate of sheer spinning is different from conventional spinning.If you want to make the surface smooth ,you should adjust the rate of rotate speed and roller feed ,of cause the clearance is important .If the clearance is too little ,the metal will backflow and the machine will shake ,the bottom will have some clearance ,and surface will have shaking line like the picture shows ;if the clearance is too big ,the inner surface will not be bright .So we should adjust the clearance in exact .

We all know liner is a military part ,the technical requirement is very high .If you want to make liner with a high precision ,you should consider the assembling precision of  mold and spinning roller .mold should use the morse taper to assemble.The other details you can browse this website

⑤Signal cover CNC spinning case

signal cover CNC spinning case show

The curve of signal cover is important requirement ,the precision of curve impact the signal transformation . How we can make the precision better ,there are two ways to adjust .First ,you can adjust the mold to overcome the metal rebound .We can see the picture show ,if metal rebound make the product and mold have some clearance after CNC spinning ,we can check it by checking tool ,then we can adjust this part of mold to reduce rebound. Second ,choosing right spinning process is important ,we can check the clearance of mold and roller ,we introduce it in cone CNC spinning  case .of cause ,the roller feed and rotate speed is important too ,you had better to spin the sheet just one time ,if you spin it to adjust again ,may be the rebound is serious .

⑥Pressing and CNC spinning case

CNC spinning and pressing case

We can use the pressing as the first step for some long spinning products, that can improve the production efficiency, we should keep a rounded angle like the picture show ,if there are a shape angle that will improve the intensity .so it will be not smooth after cnc spinning or it easy to crack .

The aluminum and steel can spin like this ,but stainless steel can not ,because the hardness and intensity of stainless steel is big ,when we spin like this ,the angle will crack .

⑦Flanging CNC spinning process case

flanging CNC spinning case

You should use two steps to finish spinning ,the first step you can spin the inside part of product ,this step you should keep the clearance is little ,because the ratio of sheet diameter /minimum mold diameter is big ,if the clearance is too big ,the part of sheet that is close to the position of minimum mold diameter is easy to crack  , we can see the position in the picture ,this position should have a rounded angle .The second step we can finish the flanging, the spinning forming is easier than the first step .but we should keep the flatness ,we introduce it in venturi case ,the thickness of the flange is different form point A to point B, the thickness increase form point A to point B, so the different intensity and innerstress make flange rebound .We can adjust the flatness of flange to overcome the rebound ,but we can't adjust the thickness of flange .