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What is CNC spinning machine tools

Author: DE-SHENGClicks: 2791Published time: 2017-06-15

CNC spinning machine tools introduction 

CNC spinning machine is a equipment that can form the metal ,the structure is familiar with the CNC lathe .CNC lathe is a metal turning machine ,but CNC spinning machine can do metal forming ,it also can finish turning when you assemble a turning tool in CNC spinning machine ,but the turning precision is lower than CNC lathe .CNC spinning machine has stronger force , you can't assemble spinning roller in a CNC lathe ,because the slide guide and screw can wear quickly with bearing a stronger spinning force .

The main parts includes spindle ,tool post ,tail stock ,guide rail,screw ,the hydraulic pressure station ,machine bed ,numerical control system and so on .the metal spinning work principle we introduce in other page ,you can click it in if you are interested in .

CNC spinning machine tool

What decide to the spinning size of CNC spinning machine 

The height of spindle centre : this decides the turning diameter of metal sheet .

The hydro-cylinder travel of tail stock :this decides the demoulding height of the spinning .

The travel of the parting tool : that decides the spinning diameter .

The difference between CNC spinning machine and CNC lathe 

many company want to refit a CNC lathe to do metal spinining ,we will tell you some details that you should know before you do it ,CNC lathe needs higher precision ,but CNC spinning machine needs stronger force and works quickly to make sure production efficiency .now we will introduce the different parts you should refit .

①Tool post types

The tool post of CNC spinning machine bear stronger force than CNC turning ,so you have better to choose the immovable support.

②Guide rail and screw 

As the tool post of CNC spinning move faster than CNC turning and  bear stronger force .so it needs guide rail and screw which have good abrasion resistance .

③Dynamo and spindle 

Spinning needs stronger force ,so dynamo should output bigger torque ,you can choose to slow down the spindle speed and increase torque.

④Parting tool 

Turning tool is different from spinning roller.

⑤Tail stock 

CNC spinning machine needs hydro-cylinder of  tail stock to clamp the sheet ,but CNC turning need it to reduce the axial runout of long shaft .

CNC spinning machine classification 

it is can be divided into sheer spinning machine and conventional spinning according to the metal forming force ,sheer spinning machine is more expensive as it need stronger spinning force .it is also can be divided into cold spinning and heat spinning according to whether the metal is heated ,heating spinning means that you should heat the metal in the forming process .