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The difference between CNC spinning and stretching ,stamping

Author: DE-SHENGClicks: 1974Published time: 2017-02-14

CNC spinning develops from hand spinning .CNC spinning have higher precision and can process thicker material ,when the thickness of sheet over AL-1.2mm,Steel -1.0mm,stainless steel - 0.8mm,it is hard to spin for manual strength .so CNC spinning become a new manufacturing way for many product .some metal spinning product can be made by pressing and stamping ,so many technician don't know how to choose the right way to process metal forming product .the following will introduce the difference between CNC spinning and pressing  ,stamping .

①Mold difference 

Do the same metal forming products, spinning only need to make a core mold, but the stamping and stretching molding need to make two moulds, the mould costs are usually 3-6 times of spinning, spinning mold period is quicker and it is easier to adjust the size of mold .

②Material difference 

Spinning thinning rate is usually about 30%, the stamping and stretching  thinning is about 8% ; stamping and stretching need 5mm pressure boundary material but spinning not . so spinning need the litter material .

③Processing difference 

Stretching need more molds to forming and need other mold to cut edge ,but spinning just complete cutting edge ,forming in a mold .

④Surface difference 

Spinning lines are rounds ,but stretching and stamping lines are main string.

spinning lines is harder to polish than stretching and stamping .

the different of spinning line and stamping line

⑤intensity difference 

Spinning have the better intensity than stretching and stamping with the same thickness .

⑥Processing force difference 

Stamping and stretching need 3 to 5 times processing force of  spinning ,so spinning can process thicker material than stamping and stretching .

⑦production state is different 

Spinning is suitable to process Small batch of products ,but stamping and stretching Large quantities of products ,production efficiency is higher than spinning .the unit price is lower .