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What is metal spinning,how does metal spinning work

Author: DE-SHENGClicks: 4784Published time: 2017-05-26

Metal spinning definition and description 

Metal spinning is a metal forming process that can make metal into different shape of revolving body .it includes CNC spinning and hand spinning .the spinning mold and clamp provide the clamping force and take the sheet or tube to spin .When the spinning roller touch the sheet according to the spinning path,the sheet will occur plastic deformation form the point to the line .

metal spinning introduction

The instruction of metal spinning machine 

Metal spinning machine includes these main parts commonly like the following picture show ,the structure of CNC spinning machine is familiar with the lathe ,the part tools and the tail stock are different from CNC lathe .the hand spinning machine is easier than CNC machine .So we just introduce the basic function of the different part of CNC spinning machine .let you know the working principle of metal spinning easily .

metal spinning structure

①The processing action in CNC metal spinning 

First step : Cylinder provide the force that make the mold 1( spindle mold ) clamp the sheet on the mold 2 ( clamp mold ).

Second step : Spindle connect the mold 2,so spindle can take the mold 1 to spin ,and the mold 2 spin with mold 1  as friction that cylinder provides .If the friction is not enough ,the sheet will move relative mold,you can adjust the hydraulic pressure to provide bigger force .

Third step : Spinning roller move according the spinning path that is controlled by CNC system .it spin forming still the product finishing .

Forth step :Cylinder move back after spindle quit spinning ,the spinning part can be take from the mold .

metal spinning processing action

②The function of different CNC machine part 

Spindle provide spinning force ,cylinder provide clamping force ,the hydraulic pressure station control the hydraulic pressure, guide rail control the spinning roller path .

Which types of metal the metal spinning use 

Aluminum ,titanium ,steel ,stainless steel ,brass ,copper are the blank material ,we use the sheet and tube of metal commonly , we introduce the metal material property in this page ,you can know the spinnning property of different metal .now we introduce the manufacturing ways of metal spinning material .

①The manufacturing way of sheet spinning material 

Metal sheet specification has two kinds, one is 2440mm*1220mm,another one is 2000mm*1000mm,there are different kinds of thickness of sheet ,If you have order more sheet ,you can customize the coil .

Metal spinning need a round  sheet to process ,you should cut a round sheet after buying coil or sheet .If you have many round sheet to process ,you can buy a coil then using the stamping to cut round ;If you have a few numbers, you can buy sheet  then using the laser cutting . 

metal spinning material

②The manufacturing way of tube spinning material 

You can choose the difference size of tube to spin , but the wall is too thin ,the tube is made without good diameter precision ,it will impact the spinning clamping in the mold .it can be cutted by laser cutting or turning .

Which product are made by metal spinning 

metal spinning can make metal product with complex shape ,high precision and thick wall than another metal forming processing .but it just can form the revolving body product .Metal spinning can make 6mm aluminum ,4mm steel ,3mm stainless steel .the sheer spinning can make thicker wall .

The metal spinning application 

As the metal spinning product has a good intensity ,automobile and military industry use the metal spinning part usually .

As the metal spinning can process the complex shape ,metal tableware and lampshade are made by metal spinning too.

metal spinning application

military liner     automobile shock absorber shell    three way catelyst     fan    funnel 

tableware    lampshade    venturi     milk bucket     signal cover    shielding