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Electrical appliances shell

Subordinate classification: Aluminum cnc spinning
Product diameter: 64mm
Product height: 147mm
Product thickness: 2.0mm
Material type: 1050AL
Processing type: sheet spinning
Precision : 0.1mm diameter
Surface treatment:  oxidation
Application Industry: electric appliance
Order phone: (86)18676089828

Product instruction 

It is the cover of electric device that test the indoor environment like humidity , temperature ,air quality and so on ,the diameter precision is 0.1mm as the assembly requirement .

The difficulty of spinning 

We should make sure the precision of diameter by sheer spinning to overcome the material rebound . we also need to make smooth surface of tiny and uniform spinning line to reduce the polishing cost .


We use the spinning roller of big filled radius to make the surface smoothly ,sheer spinning can make sure precision .