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Auto shock absorber shell

Subordinate classification: Aluminum cnc spinning
Product diameter: 110mm
Product height: 250mm
Product thickness: 5mm
Material type: stainless steel 304
Processing type: tube spinning
Grain requirements: uniform small
Surface treatment: oxidation
Application Industry: Auto shock absorber
Order phone: (86)18676089828

Product instruction 

This is the automobile parts of Audi A3 that is used by shock absorber .the shape is complex and it is hard to spin form ,spinning can improve its strength and make metal work hardening . It has good mechanical property and cheaper mold cost when it is  compared with casting and cutting .

The difficulty of spinning 

it is made by 5mm aluminum sheet ,the bottom of product is easy to break as the strong tensile force .


we change the mold scheme to reduce the force of bottom .