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The development and application of spinning

Author: DE-SHENGClicks: 858Published time: 2017-02-14

Manual spinning is a metal forming technology that is mainly applied in metal container and lampshade in the early .manual spinning can't control the precision and can't  process the thicker material .now Spinning is more widely used in different industry with the development of CNC machine tools ,Spinning product develop towards high precision and high intensity in auto and military parts .

CNC metal spinning have many advantages when it is compared with other traditional process ,at first ,spinning has good intensity because of grain refinement , second ,spinning use litter material than cutting and turning ,third ,it is quickly to make sample because the mold is easy and cheap , spinning mold is convenient to adjust .many company choose the spinning in the researching period . 

Spinning is used widely in military parts , compared with other process ,you will find that spinning products have better intensity in same weight , in order to reduce the weight ,most of parts use the titanium as the material or use the spinning as the process .That is a good way let the part have a better intensity and lower weight at the same time .but the disadvantage is spinning can't process the precision like turning ,spinning precision not only need the precision of  machine to control ,but also need stronger process force to reduce mechanical shock and impact the precision .So high precision spinning and sheer spinning need to continue to develop .

Even though spinning has many advantages ,the low production efficiency is the obvious problem when you compare it with stamping ,but spinning can process more complex shape in special situation .now many company synthesize the advantages of stamping and spinning to improve efficiency and forming ability at the same time .If we settle this problem in CNC spinning machine ,spinning will have better competitiveness than other metal process .