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The difference between hand spinning and CNC spinning

Author: DE-SHENGClicks: 1767Published time: 2017-04-26

The CNC spinning develop based on hand spinning ,but many people don't know the difference of hand spinning and CNC spinning ,we will introduce the details that make you know them easily .

①Spinning mold 

CNC spinning need a higher precision mold than hand spinning .

②Spinning path 

Hand spinning control the spinning path by hand ,but CNC control the spinning path by CNC ,hand spinning is easier to make sample ,but production is not stable ,because hand force is not stable in spinning ,hand force can't control the accurate clearance of spinning roller and mold .if you process thick wall spinning product ,people may be spin it well in the morning ,but they can't spin it well in the afternoon after the physical strength reduce .

③Spinning precision 

At first ,the original mold of hand spinning is bad that impact the precision .Second ,the force of hand spinning can't overcome the material rebound ,so  it is hard to make the spinning precision that you want .

④Spinning thickness

CNC machine can spin  aluminum sheet over 6mm ,steel over 4mm,stainless steel over 3mm,but hand spinning just can spin aluminum under 1.5mm,steel under 1.2mm,stainless steel under 1mm,the sheet is thicker ,the hand spinning is harder .

⑤Spinning application 

Hand spinning usually spin the product that don't need precision ,such as lampshade ,tableware .But CNC spinning make the product that precision is high and the sheet is thick . such as fan ,funnel ,automobile parts , military liner .

⑤Spinning surface 

Hand spinning has a better surface than CNC spinning if it spin with mold inside ,but CNC spinning has a better surface than hand spinning if they spin without mold inside ,like tube spinning or neck spinning ,if the diameter is big ,the CNC spinning control surface easily .

CNC spinning and hand spinning