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Our metal spinning team 

Dinnovation metal spinning team

● 2013 - 2017:We had worked in a famous CNC metal spinning machine company in China .

● 2017 - 2020 : Dinnovation founded, We supply metal spinning shell only .

● 2020 - 2024 : We design and research special polishing and welding machine applied in metal spinning .

● 2024 : We begin to develop and research the precision aircraft and military part .

Our goal 

Dinnovation focous on difficult and precision metal spinning ,our continuous efforts and development to improve our metal spinning technique and services ,to offer the metal spinning product of high quality and better accuracy to our customer .

dinnovation logo assembled by metal spinning

Our services

● Design suggestion 

We can give you some suggestion when we get your sample or drawing ,we can analysis structure ,strength and more details of your product to you.

● Request a quote

Our quotation includes lead time , manufacturing details ,mold cost and unit price ,it's a good standard and reference .

● Metal spinning solution 

Metal  forming ( metal spinning + deep drawing ) + Polishing + 5 axis laser cutting and welding 

We use our machines and experience to offer a better price and quality to our customer .

metal spinning solutions and products

Quality control 

● Manual inspection 

Appearance : one quality controller is responsible for appearance inspection ,includes polishing and brused effect , powder coating and oxidation effect inspection .

Accuracy : one quality controller is responsible for the accuracy of diameter ,height ,thickness and curve .

● Pass only rule and inspection tool 

We will keep all the signed samples and inspection tool in our quality control room ,we use the pass only rules to control the quality and accuracy in the production .

● Technical parameter and manufacturing instruction 

The standard of every procduct is recorded technical files .

sample and inspection tool sheet