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Why the spun metal product lead time is short in Dinnovation 

Many customer is curious about that the sample period is quick .we would like to give efficient sever to our customers ,We offer the metal spinning sample of good quality on time ,it is our key goal .

● We make most processing of metal spinning in our factory .

We have metal spinning ,deep drawing ,5 axis laser cutting and laser welding ,polishing .so we never depends on our supplier to make some difficult process ,we settle all the difficult process in our factory ,Let our  supplier to make the standard process .

● All the main supplier is about 3 kilometer away from us 

All the supplier will supple the standard and easy process step to us ,such as mold CNC turning and milling ,metal sheet laser cutting and bending ,powder coating, oxidation and so on .

Because the distance is so close , it takes few time to inspect the product and control the lead time in supplier's factory .It also can save transportation cost and time .

● Design change and adjustment

Dongguan is the manufacturing center of the world . When we adjust our manufacture scheme , We have many alternative supplier to move forward ,to make sure every work more smoothly .


The distance of the main supplier 

● Stainless steel and aluminum sheet / supply raw sheet / 10 kilometer 

● Large CNC turning and milling (diameter >500mm) / supply spun mold  /  5 kilometer 

● Little CNC turning and milling (diameter < 500mm) / supply little part  /  1 kilometer 

● Powder coating and oxidation / supply surface treatment  / 1 kilometer 

● Sheet metal laser cutting and bending / supply raw metal spinning sheet / 1kilometer 

● CMM measure / supply inspection tool and metal part measurement / 4 kilometer