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CNC sheet metal spinning mold CAD design cnc spinning mold design

● Sheet spinning mold material standard 

● Mold material : 45#(to spin aluminum and copper)  40Cr(steel)   Cr12mov(SUS304)

CNC tube metal spinning fixturing CAD design 

cnc tube spinning fixture design

We have two kinds of tube spinning fixture 

● Air pressure fixture : used in thin and little tube ,the hold force is little than hydraulic fixture .

● Hydraulic fixture : used in thick and big tube ,it is suit to spin stainless steel tube .

Aluminum argon arc welding fixture 

aluminum 5a06 welding fixture

We design many welding fixture in the precision military and aircraft industry ,it need to control the size and reduce the internal stress. so the part will have a better accuracy after welding cooling .

● Assembled accuracy requirement : diameter<500mm, accuracy +-0.2mm 

● Welding gap : 0.2mm, if the gap is over 0.2,it is hard to weld be 5 axis machine ,if it is welding by hand ,the internal  stress is not uniform. so gap is so important to control the internal stress .

● Welding step : welding step is another key factor to reduce the internal stress .

Stainless steel assemble welding fixture UG design 

stainless steel 5 axis laser welding fixture

We design point welding fixture to assemble all the part together by point welding .We need to inspect the assemble accuracy before full welding ,then we finish welding in  the full welding fixturing.

● Point welding fixture function : ①assemble all the part together ,②make the basic strength before full welding .

● Full welding fixture function : ①control the welding size ,② reduce the internal stress .

Inspection tool design


We need to design the inspection tool the check the product 

● Relative position accuracy 

● Concentricity

● Diameter and height accuracy