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The size measurement


We usually measure the diameter ,height ,thickness according to customer's drawing .

Measuremental accuracy 

● Callipers / +-0.015mm  

● Height gauge / +-0.01mm

● Ultrasonic thickness tester  / +-0.05mm

● Weight / +-1g

The accuracy control in the production 

pass only rules inspectionwe use pass only rules to control the diameter and height accuracy .

● Diameter accuracy : 0.2mm

● Height accuracy : 0.5mm

● Thickness accuracy : 0.1mm

we design and make the pass only rules to inspect in the production .

The sharp and curve accuracy inspection 

the curve accuracy inspection We use CNC milling to make a curve pass only inspection tool to measure the shape and curve

● Curve accuracy  / +-0.1mm

Three dimensional measurement 

three dimensional measurement Military part and aircraft part measurement 

Air pressure testing 

air pressure  testingIn order to check the the product without  leakage after welding ,we use air pressure to test every bowl in the water tank ,if there is bubble under the water ,we will mark the position and welding it again .

The concentricity inspection 

the concentricity inspection We design and make a special inspection tool to check the 

relative position accuracy 

● Inspection tool accuracy  / +-0.1mm

The surface effect we make 

metal spinning polishing effect

● 8K mirror polishing / 6K mirror polishing / 100# grit brushed