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Several major CNC spinning processing ways

Author: DE-SHENGClicks: 1948Published time: 2017-02-14

CNC metal spinning introduction

CNC metal spinning products is higher precision and intensity than manual spinning, processing thicker metal material. CNC spinning machine can complete the spinning forming, cutting process, reduce the times of loading time, high efficiency and stable production of spinning products.

Spinning  classify according to the blank material

Sheet spinning                          Tube spinning 

Material : round sheet              Material : Cicularr tube

The Angle of wheel : 45           The Angle of wheel : 90

the difference between tube spinning and sheet spinning

Spinning classify according to the processing ways 

spinning classify according to the processing ways

The differentce between shear spinning and convention spinning 

①Tension strain is main in convention spinning , shear strain is main in shear spinning .

②Shear spinning can produce grain refinement ,so the intensity of product is higher .

③Convention spinning easyier to rebound , the precision is harder to control .

④Thinning rate of shear spinning is bigger than convention spinning .