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How to control the precision of spinning product

Author: DE-SHENGClicks: 3752Published time: 2017-02-14

There are many factors influence metal spinning processing precision,including material property ,equipment precision and rigid, spinning wheel path ,the clearance between spinning wheel(or called spinning roller)and molud , shape of product ,mould and wheel assembly accuracy, the following will introduce it in details .

①Material property 

There are three main factors that material influence on metal spinning precision: First, the ductility and tensile strength of different materials effect the Thinning rate ,thinning rate effect the size of the outer wall diameter .Second ,different material has different internal stress after spinning ,then elastic deformation rebound make the size of diameter bigger when the spinng wheel leave the material and mold .Third ,material backflow make the height longer than mold ,aluminum backflow is obvious than other metal,soft metal is easy to backflow in cone spinning .the situation of spinning rebound and backflow

②Precision and force of the CNC spinning machine 

Except the precision of machine effect metal spinning precision ,the spinning force of equipment is important as well ,stronger spinning force can increase plastic deformation and reduce Elastic deformation rebound .litter rebound make precision better .Of cause ,the rigidity of CNC spinning machine is important to reduce the shaking in the sheer spinning .If the machine appears shaking when spins thick metal sheet ,the outside of product surface will have shaking lines,

and the precision will reduce .

③The assembly accuracy of spinning roller and mold 

If the precision of mold and roller is not good ,the diameter precision will be low and the thickness will  be nonuniform. if you want the mold has a high assembly accuracy ,you can use the morse taper to assemble the mold ,We introduce it in this page ,more details you can read the cone CNC spinning case .

④Spinning roller path

The spinning roller path impacts the thinning rate ,If the thickness precision of spinning product  is required and we can't increase the thickness of the sheet ,we can adjust the spinning path to control the spinning times, thus controlling the thickness .

⑤The clearance of the spinning roller and mold in spinning 

The right clearance can make the product cling the mold after spinning ,the inside diameter is good and having a smooth surface .

⑥The number of spinning roller 

the difference between single roller and double roller

In this picture ,you can see the difference between single spinning roller and double spinning roller in sheer spinning .the touching point of spinning and product will make the spinning product transform ,double spinning roller can process more stable as the balance spinning force ,and the precision of diameter is better ,single roller will appear ovality after sheer spinning .Of cause ,the three roller make precision better than double roller .